Moof Goop

Handcrafted borax-free slime made with love and care.


Moof Goop

Handcrafted borax-free slime made with love and care.


Moof Goop

Handcrafted borax-free slime made with love and care.


Moof Goop

Handcrafted borax-free slime made with love and care.

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* Our slimes DO NOT contain borax, laundry detergent, optical solutions, or sodium borate.

These ingredients are common in other slimes and contain health hazards and are especially not safe for kids to use. 

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Moof Stands with Ukraine

Ukraine, we are all with you with all of our hearts and souls. Moof Goop stands with Ukraine! Evil, and Darkness will be overcome! 100% of the proceeds of the Moof Stands With Ukraine’ slime will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

The rich and decadent ‘Stand with Ukraine’ slime is specially designed to represent the vibrant colors of the beautiful Ukrainian Flag. It is luxuriously layered with a layer of bright yellow cloud dough slime and an added layer of sky blue cloud dough slime. The slime is scented like freshly baked bread since Ukraine is known as the “Breadbasket of Europe”. The yellow color represents wheat and grains, and the blue represents the skies above the grain, representative of freedom. Moof Stands with Ukraine is topped with a Ukrainian Flag, and gold glitter.

Moof Fur

“I would highly recommend this product. This slime is a perfect way to destress safely (no worries of borax burns) and smells literally AMAZING!!”

Moof Loops

“The BEST slime ever!! It’s honestly sooo amazing and the “froot loops” are SO CUTE!! LOVE!!”

Slime is positive sensory stimulation at its finest.

Watch the colours.
Feel the textures.
Hear the crunch sounds.
Smell the fragrances.

Slime just makes you happy!

History of Slime

Over the last few decades, there has been an abundance of slimesque products from Ghostbuster’s Ectoplasm, TMNT’s Ooze, Gak, Floam, Flubber, Silly Putty and Play Doh.
However, slime was actually a toy product originally manufactured by Mattel, sold in plastic trash cans and introduced in 1976. It became famous by Nickelodeon in ‘You Can’t Do That on Television’ or ‘YCDTOTV’. It consisted of a non-toxic viscous, squishy and oozy green or other colour material made primarily from guar gum. Right now, there is even a slime gun on the market called Orby Slimy.
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Hi I’m Moof!

I’m the reason we are all here today
Did you meet my goopy friend Goop?

Hello! I am Goop

Some people think I’m just slime, but I’m so much more!
Did you meet my friend Moof?
Let's Get Some Slime!

We Create Our Goop

with lots of love and care in very small batches using no borax.
Each Goop is unique and individual like you are, so be sure to enjoy it!

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