Slime Collections


Lucky Charms Moof Cereal
Cream Soda Float
Shamrock Shake
Seaberry Beach
Creme Brûlée
Disney Dole Whip

The Cloud

The Cloud Collection features two incredible cloud slimes. Cloud slimes are fluffy, drizzly, dense, and have little to no residue. Cloud slimes look and feel like clouds and when stretched, they fluff up even more. And when they are left to fall, cloud slimes drizzle like rain!  Experience the wonder of fluffiness and drizzles today with the Cloud Collection.

Moof Fur
Moof Loops
Rainbow Sherbet

The Glossy

Moof Cereal
Moof’s Sparkling Lemonade
Moof’s Blue Raspberry Boba

The Butter

Moof’s Waffle Sundae
Moof Mallow
Moof’s Rose Garden